To blog or not to blog…..

I have been struggling with this question for months, I love the idea of blogs, I love reading them and stalking them, I got a real kick out of meeting the crafters behind the blogs I’ve been reading at the recent stitches and craft show but I just sometimes think I’m not interesting enough to follow. I ♥ my craft, and when I get time to actually do some I love to show off my creations. Is it worth it?

I love that there is such a great blogging community and network. Do I belong in this community?


ey guys I was wondering if you could do me a massive favour again???

Can you please vote for in this poll please?

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Please Vote for Oz Handmade!

If you have a free moment, could you take a few seconds to vote for Oz Handmade.

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Poll's are open until the 1st December @ 5pm.

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Do you {heart} handmade?

If you do YAY because do I have the place for you!

If you are sick of mass production and plastic, cheap, inferior products Oz Handmade is the place to be.

Oz Handmade is an online market open 24/7. At Oz Handmade we specialise in handmade, Australian items.

We stock anything from toys to clothes for all the family to jewellery and MCN’s (modern cloth nappies)

We have currently some exciting new stores in the wings, they should be open soon so check out Oz Handmade as more and more stores open up with gorgeous handmade goods.

I am passionate about the handmade notion. When our Grandparents were children they didn’t have the plastic fantastic world we live in now or their Parents could simply not afford to buy them toys from a store, so their Parents and Grandparents lovingly made them clothes and toys that are often passed down from generation to generation.

The handmade revolution (as I would like to call it) has begun, instead of buying a one of a million item of clothing or a toy that you know won’t last the distant (or the next day) people as young as 5 are making toys or clothes for themselves, people are taking up sewing as a hobby like never before due in part I believe to the financial crisis that has swept the worlds financial markets in the past 6 months and also partly due to the fact people, a) want to know where their item came from, b) want to rid the world of plastic fantastic toys and clothing and c) to make something functional out of a bit of fabric or a piece of paper.

We’re getting back to our roots. Be it growing and edible garden as they did in war time to creating functional and beautiful items for ourselves and our homes.

*Off my soap box I hop :)

This post started as a plug for Oz Handmade but turned into and out pouring of my passion for all things handmade!

I would love to hear about your passion for handmade, please feel free to leave a comment below.


And the winner is…drum roll please…

Sorry about the delay in drawing a winner, for some reason I though I was to draw it today!
Thanks to everyone who entered, I loved hearing about why you started sewing but there can only be one winner!
I have done a random draw and the winner is….
This is the reason why she got started in sewing…
I grew up with the whirr of a sewing machine. Watching my Mum churn out beautiful clothes for us, home furnishings, dress ups etc. It was a natural progression from watching to doing which my children have also done with me :)
Congrats to Country Stitchin!!!
Email me your postal address and I will pop it in the mail ASAP!

More Digital Goodness

I’ve been in a Christmassy mood of late, here is another addition to the Christmas card collection.