‘Sew Beautiful’ Giveaway!

I have a current copy of ‘Sew Beautiful’ to give away.
sew beautiful giveaway 
To be in the running for the magazine simply leave a comment below telling me what made you start sewing.
I will draw a winner on Thur 12th November, so you have a week!
Good luck!


  1. I started sewing after finding the pattern books of Enid Gilchrist on Ebay! I loved the (now) retro designs and wanted to be able to dress my children in clothes that half of Brisbane wasn't already wearing. Also to be able to sew clothes is a pretty darn awesome thing!

  2. I grew up with the whirr of a sewing machine. Watching my Mum churn out beautiful clothes for us, home furnishings, dress ups etc. It was a natural progression from watching to doing which my children have also done with me :)

  3. I was always surrounded by sewing when at my Grandmother's house growing up. It wasn't until I was pregnant with my beautiful girl that I decided I should start sewing though. I fell in love instantly and haven't stopped since getting my Mum's old machine!

  4. Ah, sewing...

    I don't want to enter the give-away, as I don't want to force you to ship overseas in the event that I won, but I'm always happy to talk about what started me sewing.

    My grandmother and my mother both sewed, and I had tons of gorgeous home made clothing when I was growing up (that I didn't appreciate). Then I got into quilting as I got older, and sewing my own things. Now (I hope) I am passing that on to my daughter.

  5. I started sewing after the loss of my mum, I was down and depressed and really needed something to do.
    I started with some really dodgy cushion covers and a 1960's machine from the op shop, cushions were a disaster and the machine went in the cupboard then after my 3rd child was born I pulled it back out, made her a blanket and it progressed from there. That was 18 months ago now!

  6. I began sewing age four, making clothes for my dolls. Began embroidering age eight, taught by my grandmother. Also added knitting, crochet, tatting, cake decorating, smocking, Goldwork, pretty much anything that involved needle and thread.

    I stopped sewing for a long time after I left home and began again when I had a baby. That baby is now 12yo and beginning to sew herself. She still wears my smocked dresses, for at least this summer!