Craft expo disappointment….

Well Noah and I took ourselves of to the Royal exhibition buildings in Melbourne on what was one of Melbourne's most beautiful days!

And TBH the glorious weather was the highlight of the trip!

I was underwhelmed at the expo. Granted it was smaller and more intimate than the bigger quilt and craft expo’s but it still left me flat.

If you were a scrapbooker/paper crafter, older generation occupant (LOL) more into the traditional sewing/quilting etc it was perfect. But for the more contemporary sewer I was left wanting more.

I did how ever purchase a melly & me pattern “petunia” for $16 petuniafrom In stitches of Williamstown, check out their blog here. In stitches was the only booth with contemporary funky patterns and fabrics such as Amy butler and melly & me to name but a few.

After we have been around the expo a couple of times (in hopes something new would miraculously pop up ) we went outside in the sun for some food and a stretch of the legs.



Here was a community mural, of which after the expo the canvas and money raise will be donated to the Humor Foundation. People were offered the chance (for a small monetary donation) to contribute to the mural. The people in blue were professional art teachers to help the budding artist with their input.





“The artwork, designed by leading decorative artist, Pam Jones, is titled ‘Carousels’. It depicts “the journey from ill heath in the darkest depths of the forest, to good heath full of family and sunshine – travelling along the River or Life looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead.”

Taken from the craft expo magazine.

Some photo’s from the afternoon…








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