BLOGTOBERFEST 2009 has begun!

What is BLOGTOBERFEST I hear you ask???

TinnieGirl has started a post everyday for the month of October challange, sooooooo I thought I would give it a go, considering how lackadaisical I am about blogging, it would be a great opportunity for me to stretch my blogging legs and see what this baby can do.

If you want to participate in blogtoberfest click on the links above and sign up!

I thought I would start the festivities and show off some of my latest creations...

First we have a plywood draws from Ikea...



I sanded, primed and painted with white spray paint. for the fronts of the draws I used scrapbooking paper and mod podge to both stick it down and as a protective coat, to prevent damage to the paper.

The other project was a MDF serving tray I picked up from spotlight for $16. Initally I wanted to paint it using a crackle medium but that failed, then I thought I would paint it silver to give that faux metallic look which also failed. So after letting it sit around the office for who knows how long I and after trawling the many awesome craft blogs out there I came across a few with some really nifty ideas on decorating items such as trays, cupboards, plates etc. The two blogs that come to mind are Infarrantly Creative and That's so cugly so I decided I was going to spray it with a gloss back paint and then mod podge (can you tell mod podge is my lastest favourite craft thing!) some pattern onto the inside botton, but I can't think of what to put on there. So if you have any ideas don't hesitate and let me know!!!!

So that is my first blogtoberfest post is done and dusted, I wonder what I will chat about tomorrow????

Till next time (tomorrow) TTFN.


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