Taggie Blanket

I whipped up a taggie blanket for a friend.

I am in love with the fabric. I would love to say I patch work quilted it but alas I did not LOL.

It was dead easy to do although next time I think I will just do a pressed seam and top stitch rather than sew and turn it out and blind stitche the opening, or I could just make the opening smaller.

Also I think I might use a fleece as a backing, it will make it a bit thicker and more cozy.

I also want to have a go at making a pettiskirts! They are just the most adorable skirts.

Although I don't think I can justify the $ when I have no little girls to wear it. My fingers are crossed that I have a little neice on the way ( c/sect 15th June ) so I might be able to get away with it ;)

Pettieskirt tut on martha

On the Lilypad front, I FINALLY sold my first froggy!!!!

The i heart craft froum is doing ok, we have roughly 26 member and a few have started posting on a regular basis, I really hope IHC will oneday be as popular as some of the other big craft forums :D Baby steps baby steps LOL

I've been doing some design work, here is what the client chose, a very elegany black, pink and white desgin.

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