New look IHC!

I have changed the template, do you like it?

I have no idea how to work the link and ad certain things but I'm getting there and its looking rather pretty :D

A little update on things...

I have so many thoughts and idea's rolling around in my head, I just wish I could actually get some of them out on paper!

♥Some new things going on I am in the process of getting the and getting the forum set up over there, for some reason the forum has been playing up and there is little to no support from the provider so I might have to start from scratch but never fear I will let all the current members know if there are any changes.

♥I have to design some logos for site links and banners for sigs, blogs etc

♥I have some exciting ideas that I am hoping will get off the ground, watch this space for updates :D

♥Invite design jobs in the works which is exciting.

♥Design and make up some wet bags for Lilypad, I have to get photos worthy of the site as well as some better pics of the quillow (not sure how I'm going to do that, if you have any idea's let me know :D)

♥Have a certain little mans 2nd birthday coming up which is just crazy! (I'm in denial that I have a growing little guy!)

♥Find a house to rent, I want my own space and a craft room, studio with heaps of room for all my craft stuff and a massive cutting, sewing table!

Well thats all I've got, I will end with showing off my latest design jobbie!

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