I have taken on the zipper and survived!

I put it off long enough, but I have finally concurred my fear of sewing zips!

They aren't perfect but not bad for a first attempt!
I need to get myself a zipper foot tho, I thought I had one but apparently not!

In other news Oz Handmade is now open for business!!!! Come over and check out all the awesome stores of hand made items from baby toys, clothes to soaps and jewellery!

You can check out my wares for sale at my store, Lilypad Creations . I have a few things up for sale but will be adding things as quickly as I make them :D

Here is but a taste of some of the things I have for sale!

I'm also working on some new things, Off to spotty tonight for supplies, then I will put them up on lilypad :D

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