Finally something for the boy!

You would think that me being crafty I would make heaps of cute things for my 18 month old son to play with, but no he has to settle for all my trials of things I attempt to make, you should see his toy box, there are sad elephants with no faces, a sock n glove dog with his head not straight and no face, poor kid, anyway I have finally made him something, mind you he can't really play with it.... :S

Its an "N" for his door. When we finally move and he gets his own room we will be decorating it with a jungle theme. Hence the giraffe and the lion, der! LOL?

Please ignore the glue smudge near the giraffes neck, its annoying the beejesus out of me, but will have to do... HOPEFULLY no one will notice it when its on the door.


  1. I love the's cuteness definted!
    no, can hardly see the glue stain, so don't worry!

  2. That is gorgeous - very clever.